Value Add Matrix Tool Descriptions
Explorer Explorer: Lookup Blocks, Transactions and Accounts on the EOS chain.
Wallet Wallet: Manage your EOS account/s to send and receive EOS
Wallet_Mon Wallet Monitor: Track and Alert on any activity related to your EOS account. *Highly recommended*
Voting Voting: Vote for Block Producers. EOS is only as strong as your voting activity. So go vote NOW!
Voting_Mon Voting Monitor: Track the overall votes and to which BPs they are going to. Reward the BPs that provide the most value to the EOS community and chain
Resource_Mon Resource Monitor: Track the price of RAM and other EOS resources. Good for speculators.
Outreach Outreach: BPs that give back to the community to help others (Like Charity work).
Education Education: Training and other types of Education on all things EOS.
Testnet TestNet: Tools related to the testnet. Practice makes perfect. So those BPs that test often should be rewarded.
BP_Perf_Mon BP Performance Monitor: How well are the BP performing? We need more tools in the category so we can recognize those BPs that exceed performance, availability and security.
Key_MGMT Key Management: Everything related to managing your keys and lookup for example your ETH to EOS.
Proxy_Mon Proxy Monitor: List of Proxy Accounts and how many votes they control and how many BPs they vote for.
Identity Identity Creator: Create a public account profile that is stored on the EOS blockchain so everyone knows you own the EOS account
Price_Tracker Price Tracker: What is the EOS price over time, Trading Volume, Market Cap and share of Market.
Account_Creation Account Creation: Create a new account on EOS
BP_Validation BP Validation: Validate that a Block Producer is meeting the minimum requirements like website, BP info, Ownership, Code of Conduct, endpoint checks, etc...
Chain_Contracts Chain or Contracts: Chain tools and Contracts that enhance the EOS ecosystem. For Example, snapshot creation and/or contracts related to govt or value add tools like leasing etc..